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Canella Furniture shows its furniture at the street

14 febrero 2014
If the Habitat Fair 2014 has been characterized by traffic jams and crowds, making it a good omen, the initiative of ShowBoom brings a very different air to this event.

Exit of a confined space as is the Feria de Valencia and to take some of the most iconic buildings of the Valencia, is an unbeatable oportunity for different firms to present their products in an original way.

This is the case of Canella Furniture; the prestigious valencian furniture company is present during these days in the Mercado de Colón, a spectacular modernist building whose beauty offers a unique setting for the presentation in Spain of the new collection by Audere Canella.

In addition to its presence at the fair, this year it was decided to show their furniture to the citizens through Showboom initiative, that the Habitat Fair has provided on this edition.


Jazz, Cava and furniture made ​​in Valencia

As a complement to the presence in this space, on Wednesday 12th, Canella organized a cocktail in which were given appointment with designers, distributors, magazines, newspapers and some of the major clients of the firm.

The event was enlivened by live Jazz in which drums, keyboard and guitar managed to create a pleasant and magical atmosphere.

During the evening are served valencian Cava of the Bodega Dominio de la Vega, a premium brand rooted in Requena, who teamed for the occasion with the furniture company in search of synergies.

During the event, magazines like Fine Born China, Spain Contract, T Style International or a delegation of Latin American architects and designers among others, were able to discover some of the highlights of the collection Audere.

The modern and elegant design, the use of woods as original as the palm of Khaya, Sycamore pomele and bleached woods, caught the attention of visitors. But undoubtedly the most surprising were the Bluemotion mechanisms that there are in this collection, allowing for automatic opening and remote control door.


Canella furniture, a survivor of the sector thanks to the export

Canella furniture is a firm with more than 40 years of experience in high standing furniture. In an industry hit by the crisis and globalization as is the furniture, the Valencian company survives thanks to two keys: the export and the specialization.

For 30 years the company is present in foreign markets, reaching more than 70% of its turnover. The company is present in 45 countries and has a strong position in Russia, Eastern Europe and former Soviet republics.

In terms of specialization, the Manager of the firm Salvador Jimenez says that "the key to our survival is that we have specialized in the luxury market. Specifically, we have a great know-how in the world of large installations, ie, large projects requiring know how  furnish and equip a facility of thousands of meters. "

Canella's customers include large corporations such as Lukoil, Graz Prom Waxi Siam, institutions such as the Supreme Court of Moscow, St. Petersburg government or some government offices in Chechnya.

After two years without going to the Habitat Fair, the brand of Picassent returns to participate in the event attracted by the merger with Cevisama and Maderalia. For now, say from Canella, that expectations are very good. It now remains continue working to close the orders.